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2015 | Einstein Resume + Letter

Clément Loyer
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What is it ?

This is a template for making your own  resume. You will find an editable Adobe Illustrator File with all the editable elements. There's also a single page letter template, to adapt the graphic of the resume.

You just need to change the text and save as PDF.

I’ve also included all the fonts I've used.

What's inside ?

- an editable Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file

- all the fonts used in it

- visual .JPG of the template
- a PDF helper

If you need any other file form, please email me at

How to use it ?

You need Adobe Illustrator to edit this template. You can download a free trial on the Adobe website.

The editing can be done even by novices in Illustrator, it's really basic modifying skills.

Price and donation

I want this template to be available for people out of work. If you're feeling generous and want to reward a young student, be my guest ;)

- Clement

Now, go get that job !

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please link back to this website to share these templates with friends and others!

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2015 | Einstein Resume + Letter

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